Map your day project


Chapter one progress

It’s been really hard to make time to blog, but I finally finished these projects!

They started like this

The Sky Project

The Macro Project

The Mood Color Project

The start of chapter 1

The first chapter is all about observing. I started working on the first three projects and plan on finishing them on Sunday and then publishing a post about them. The three projects are all very unique and I’m very exciting about what they will look like when I’m finished. Each one incorporates different watercolor arts. They express different feelings and objects. I just started working on the layout of each page. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

If you can read the words don’t worry because I’ll put them in the post on Sunday!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been doing a lot of research about starting a blog business. I’ve been experimenting with some products and trying to price them reasonably. There’s a lot of challenges, but also a lot of successes.


  • Supplies are hard to find- you want quality products but not the high prices that come with.
  • Finding time to experiment with products- it’s hard to get things done especially when working with paint where it has to dry.
    Figuring out the prices is kind of hard to do right now.
Small black and gold photo holder


  • I love working on crafty things
  • I have two products finished
  • It keeps me from sitting around doing nothing
Cork coasters

I’m working on my next post so there’s more coming soon!

Making Your Journal Your Own

I’ve only read through the intro of my new journaling book so far and I’ve already fell in love with using it. It has so many helpful tips on how to make your journal your own. I love how it suggests all the materials you’ll need or want for journal. It encourages you to journal more than just once a day or a week. Now I plan on taking a journal with me everywhere.

I designed the front of my journal just off the top of my head. Here’s how I got my idea. I was taking my dogs for a walk, and I saw so many pretty plants and flowers along the side of the road. So I picked a sunflower and went straight inside to start the project. I used sharpie and watercolor paints to do it. It was super relaxing. Yes, it has mistakes, but sometimes flaws are where beauty can be found. I’m in love with it! Here’s a pic that’s way easier to see.

Future Goals for my Blog

In the Near Future-

Quite a few people have asked me personally what I plan on doing this next school year with my blog since I won’t be traveling and won’t have as much free time. Honestly when they asked I had no idea, but then when we went to Minnesota I found a book to help me think of fun things to share. It has journaling ideas and craft ideas. I’m very excited to try some of these things and post the cool ones. (Peep the book below)

In the Next Year or Two-

This one was actually the hardest plan for me to come up with, and if I’m completely honest, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I’m planning on blogging all my travels and adventures, but other than that I plan on doing random blog ideas until a few years down the road. Just yesterday I created a tiny space for me to journal and do art stuff while I’m still living at home. It took me a long time to clean out, but I’m selling some stuff to make some extra cash. I really enjoyed blogging from this quiet space today. It’s not much but it’s like an office for me.

In the Next Three Years-

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the distant future. A lot having to do with college and stuff pertaining to that. Some of this thinking has gone into my blog. I hope to turn it into somewhat of a second job that I can run from my phone. The app I use has a system that I can upgrade into a business blog. My goal is to turn this blog into one half lifestyle blog and one half a crafty business blog. The crafty business blog would have stuff like cute soaps and journaling things like this.

I just love blogging so much. It’s not about the followers or the views for me. It’s about staying creative and getting my ideas and opinions out there. That’s why I really hope to keep doing it for a long time.

Travel Outfits

There’s a lot of different types of outfits that you can choose from depending on what you are doing. We just are heading home from a trip to Duluth Minnesota and we did a lot of very different things. I packed a lot of hiking and cuter outfits. I’ll share my favorites with you guys.

Day one outfits

Today we did a lot of hiking and exploring in Duluth. We hiked to see some waterfalls and streams. It was really beautiful. Besides that we ate supper at a brewery in Duluth. It was a casual day and I wore a pretty casual hiking outfit.

Day two outfits

Today started out very similar to yesterday with some walking around Duluth and stopping in little shops. Then tonight we went to a the Lion King movie that just came out. This theater is more fancy and we were served supper while watching. It was a really unique, enjoyable experience with my family. Here’s the two outfits I wore today.

Day three outfits

We went shopping for most of the day and just walked around, but at night we did a boat supper. It was a cruise on Lake Superior for two hours. It was a beautiful night.

Day Four outfits

Today we went to Maple Grove and Canterbury for the horse races. It was a really unique experience. The horses were so pretty and muscular. It was another really beautiful night. I was gonna wear this jump suit but it got ruined during the day so I had to get a new outfit. Oh well!