Day 15: What do you need to make more time for?

This question is super easy to answer, but very hard to actually do. I know it seems like it should be easy for a Christian to make time to read God’s Word and pray, but it’s hard for me. I either make the “I’m too tired” excuse, or I don’t even think about doing it. I’ll do really good for about a week, and then I’ll struggle the next week.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot better about doing it before bed and praying throughout the day, and not just once before meals or bed. The thing that helps me the most is asking God to give me time. Most likely if you think your too busy, your not. Pray and ask God, and He will give it to you. If you struggle to do it after you do homework because your to tired, do it before you do your homework and ask God to help you get the homework done. It works! I have a few tips for better devotional time below.

Tips for more focused devotional time

  • Be in a quiet place. It could be in your room with the door shut, in the office, or anywhere in the morning before everyone else is up.
  • Turn everything else off. Leave your phone in another room. Don’t turn the tv on, not even on mute. Don’t play music or anything, just spend this time with you and God.
  • Make enough time. Don’t be in a rush to get done. Set a timer for how long you want to do it, and don’t do anything but be with God in that time.
  • Take notes on what you read, pray about, or anything God speaks to you through during this time. This will help you stay involved in your devotions.

Day 14: List your five favorite ways to relax.

  1. Sit down with my family or alone and watch a movie. There’s something about a cozy blanket and a bowl of popcorn that just makes you relax. What’s really good about this option is that you can do it any time of year.
  2. I love to sit at the kitchen counter with a hot cup of coffee to relax in the morning. I’ll usually drink a cup and draw, blog, do my devotions, or color. In my eyes, coffee is always a good option.
  3. In the summer time I love to go outside and tan. I get a towel, put on a swimsuit, and go lay out on the pool deck. This option is always good with some good music playing too!
  4. Take a short nap. I’ll just lay down and rest for twenty minutes and then get up and I’m totally refreshed. If I take a nap any longer then twenty minutes I find myself wanting to do nothing all day or getting a headache.
  5. I love to do puzzles when I’m overwhelmed. I could sit down and work on a puzzle for an hour and think it’s only been five minutes.

Day 13: Where would I like to live/ travel some day?

Since almost all of my family lives in South Dakota I think I would still like to live here, but there are plenty of places I would love to travel to.

Top Five Places I Would Like To Visit

Besides my trip to Europe this summer I would love to travel to…

  • Uganda. I want to go back to Africa so bad. It was the most amazing experience, and I would love to visit the people again and see the kiddos at the orphanage.
  • Hawaii. One of my dream vacations would be to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been a beach on the real ocean so I want to do that. I think snorkeling, hiking, paragliding, and surfing would be a few of the many things I want to try there.
  • Haiti. It’s definitely not a vacation site, but I would love to go on a missions trip there. Someone I know was able to go and help build a house for someone living there and that would be amazing.
  • Ecuador. Similar to the one above, it’s another missions trip destination. They go build a house over Christmas break and give the house to someone for Christmas. Seeing the joy on the new owners faces would be better than any Christmas present I could ever receive.
  • Brazil. The only things I really know about Brazil are it has soccer and the setting in the movie Rio, yeah the animated one with the talking birds, is there. I would love to experience that type of culture, maybe even a Brazilian carnival.

Like I said above, I’m going to Europe this summer. We are going on a tour of seven countries and singing at sites in all of them. It’s always been my dream to travel to Europe, especially Paris, France. After I’m done with this thirty day challenge I will most likely be blogging about my trip. I’m excited to experience the new culture, taste the foods, and have fun with one of my best friends since she is going with me.

Day 12: Bullet point my whole day.

I did this a few days ago to make sure I got it done.

  • Got up and scrolled through my phone
  • Got ready for the day
  • Made some coffee and watched an episode of the Village. Ok, maybe two:)
  • Cleaned up my bathroom drawers and shelves so my sister could move her stuff back in
  • Sorted my email out and imported photos to my computer
  • Ate a peach because I forgot to eat breakfast
  • Worked on a crafty project
  • Our cat had her babies so I checked on them
  • Ate enchiladas for lunch
  • Prepared my travel journal for a bit
  • Went for a quick swim
  • Journaled some more
  • Played just dance on the wii
  • Played the piano
  • Went outside and played fetch with the dogs
  • Ate supper
  • Tried to watch Harry Potter but fell asleep for the last hour because I was too tired
  • Did my devotions
  • Scrolled through my phone
  • Went to bed

As you can see, that day was pretty chill. I got up at 6:30 and stayed up until 11; it was just another day in the life of Kerstyn Fast.

Day 11: Put my music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs.

  1. Jaded- Chase Goehring
  2. A Thousand Year’s- Christina Perri
  3. Glad You Came- The Wanted
  4. Ocean Eyes- Billie Eilish
  5. How Great Though Art- Carrie Underwood
  6. What If’s- Kane Brown
  7. Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer
  8. Let It Go- Idina Menzel (Frozen)
  9. Our Last Summer- Mama Mia
  10. The Man- Aloe Blacc

To be honest I never listen to any of these songs. I have playlists that I listen to in the car depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll go the country route and other times I’ll go more for today’s hits.

I most recently have listened to…

  • Aladdin soundtrack
  • Boo’d Up
  • Crown Him
  • Rainbow
  • Sucker
  • Hey Look Ma I Made It
  • All of Christina Grimme’s The Voice Performances
  • Don’t Give Up On Me
  • Old Town Road (remix of course;)
  • Someone You Loved
  • Leave A Light On
  • 7 Rings
  • Death Was Arrested

Day 10: What is my guilty pleasure?

Cookie Dough!

I seriously love eating cookie dough, chocolate chip especially. Yes it unhealthy, but that’s why it’s called a guilty pleasure. I usually just take a spoonful whenever I bake cookies. Occasionally, however, I will make eggless cookie dough so it’s safe to eat and then put it into a container to freeze it. I found a good recipe on Pinterest that I love to use.

Here’s one recipe

  • 1/2 cup of butter at room temperature
  • 1/4 cup of granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup of packed brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp of milk (add milk if it’s too dry)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/4 cup of all purpose flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips (or more if you want!)

Day 9: If I could have any job in the world, what would it be?

This question took a lot of thinking, but I decided that I would love to be a journalist that gets to travel the world and write on their experiences. Getting paid to travel would be amazing. I love trying new foods and learning about new cultures. I would want my writing to have real impact and leave a legacy for those to follow me. I would want my family to be proud of my work. I would want to be proud of my work because if you don’t want to read it who would? The only downfall would be if I had to go by myself. I don’t think I could survive by myself in an airport, let alone another country.

Going back to the proud of your work thing, I think that is something people don’t think about or choose not to think about. You may be thinking, “what does she mean by that.” I mean by choosing not to think about it that it’s something people put on the side and save for later or ,more realistically, never. People choose not to do that extra step to make their work something to be proud of. They don’t do anything except the bare minimum because they simply don’t want to, choose not to. I struggle with it sometimes to, I’ll admit, but it’s important for me to remind myself to take the extra step, put in a little more effort, or spend a little more time. In the end if you do, you’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished no matter what anyone else thinks.