What a Girl Wants

  • For some reason us girls seem to believe that guys can read their own minds. Not true. So for all the guys out there that can’t read minds, here’s what a girl wants.
    1. Hold her hand- it’s such a simple way to show love, yet people don’t do it very much anymore. When you walk together, try holding hands from now on.
      Tell her she’s beautiful- girls love to hear it, so say it and mean it!
      Play with her hair- I know you might not enjoy it, but she will.
      Hug her- sometimes a nice long hug is the best thing in the world for a girl.
      Kiss her cheek or her forehead- a simple, gentle kiss on the cheek or forehead is sometimes the most romantic gesture.
      Kiss her softly- nothing really to say but pull her in softly and kiss her. That’s all.
      Take her out- it doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but it’s a kind, caring thing to do.
      Cuddle with her- she feels comfy and safe in your arms, so let her be there.
      Be.a gentlemen- be polite and do the little things to make her happy.
      Tell her you love her- She loves you so tell her how you feel. Don’t hide your feelings. Girls like guys with feelings.

    My boyfriend is great about doing these little things and our relationship is amazing because of it. I couldn’t be more happy.

    Date Night Ideas

    One of the hardest parts of dating is finding creative ideas for special date nights. Here’s a list of several unique ideas for the Christmas season. Enjoy!

    • Making gingerbread houses- piecing together and decorating a cute house with each other or compete against each other is a really fun idea.
    • Watching a Christmas movie- there’s nothing better than cuddling next to each other with a bowl of popcorn to watch some holiday favorites.
    • Decorating sugar cookies- they may look a little messy and the kitchen will probably be full of dishes and frosting, but it is such a cute memory making experience.
    • Going out for coffee- coffee always warms you up and if you don’t like coffee, hot chocolate works too!
    • Board game night- puck out some of your favorite games to play with each other, grab some sparkling grape juice, sit next to the fire place, and it’s a date.
    • Fancy night out- if your willing to spend a little money, get dressed up and go out for a nice supper.
    • Sledding- put on your snow pants and spend some time outside. Bring out your childish side, and maybe even construct a snow fort.
    • Build a snow man- this one is pretty self explanatory, but can be really fun. A snow ball fight might even break out depending on how competitive you are.
    • Start a puzzle- make some warm apple cider and spend a few hours talking and putting it together.

    Any of these are fun, creative dates for the Christmas season🎄


    I’ve thought it over a lot and I’ve decided to put the blog on hold during the school year. It’s just to hard to post something meaningful or even slightly good when you’re rushed. I wish I could keep up with it, but school and other stuff comes first. If I have extra time, I’ll post randomly!


    I’ve thought it over a lot and I’ve decided to put the blog on hold during the school year. It’s just to hard to post something meaningful or even slightly good when you’re rushed. I wish I could keep up with it, but school and other stuff comes first.

    The start of chapter 1

    The first chapter is all about observing. I started working on the first three projects and plan on finishing them on Sunday and then publishing a post about them. The three projects are all very unique and I’m very exciting about what they will look like when I’m finished. Each one incorporates different watercolor arts. They express different feelings and objects. I just started working on the layout of each page. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

    If you can read the words don’t worry because I’ll put them in the post on Sunday!


    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been doing a lot of research about starting a blog business. I’ve been experimenting with some products and trying to price them reasonably. There’s a lot of challenges, but also a lot of successes.


    • Supplies are hard to find- you want quality products but not the high prices that come with.
    • Finding time to experiment with products- it’s hard to get things done especially when working with paint where it has to dry.
      Figuring out the prices is kind of hard to do right now.
    Small black and gold photo holder


    • I love working on crafty things
    • I have two products finished
    • It keeps me from sitting around doing nothing
    Cork coasters

    I’m working on my next post so there’s more coming soon!

    Making Your Journal Your Own

    I’ve only read through the intro of my new journaling book so far and I’ve already fell in love with using it. It has so many helpful tips on how to make your journal your own. I love how it suggests all the materials you’ll need or want for journal. It encourages you to journal more than just once a day or a week. Now I plan on taking a journal with me everywhere.

    I designed the front of my journal just off the top of my head. Here’s how I got my idea. I was taking my dogs for a walk, and I saw so many pretty plants and flowers along the side of the road. So I picked a sunflower and went straight inside to start the project. I used sharpie and watercolor paints to do it. It was super relaxing. Yes, it has mistakes, but sometimes flaws are where beauty can be found. I’m in love with it! Here’s a pic that’s way easier to see.